FieldMax® is a suite of mobile and web-based applications used for field sales automation. It has two components - FieldMax® Mobile and FieldMax® Office

  • FieldMax® Mobile application is used by the field staff to enter field sales information on a simple Java/Android enabled mobile handset.
  • FieldMax® Office is a web-based application used by the operations team to track and process the field sales data.

FieldMax® would be a definite fit in organizations who have a large field sales team working in the market, meeting more than 15 customer per day, entering sales data in paper and DSR sheets, executing primary/secondary sales, meeting distributors/C&F agent reporting, end of the day sales data to reporting managers over calls/SMS/emails and so on.

No. It is not mandatory that you must have a smartphone to use FieldMax® application. The only requirement is the device should be Java/Android/Windows supportive with internet connectivity. Our team would advise you on the best device as per business requirement.

Implementation time depends on factors such as master data availability and team readiness. In a normal scenario it would take 15 - 30 days for a full roll-out for a 100 member sales team.

Yes. All data transactions through FieldMax® is visible to authorized users in real-time . The data is shown to the users based on their privileges. Data transfer between the mobile and web applications is through GPRS.

No. There is no limit on the number of users that can be registered through the FieldMax® mobile application.

FieldMax® is a cloud hosted application. FieldMax® uses Microsoft cloud platform for server and data storage. Data security and privacy is also ensured at its best. As an added advantage, if required FieldMax® can also be installed at your in-house facility.

Yes. FieldMax® can be interfaced with any 3rd party ERP applications such as SAP, Tally etc.

FieldMax® is available in both SaaS ( Software as a service) and License mode. You can reach to one of the contact numbers mentioned in the site to get more details about pricing.

Under SAAS mode, you can subscribe FieldMax® on a monthly per user rental mode. You need to pay only for the number of active users you have on your team. This would be in monthly recurring model as long as you would like to use the application in your organisation. Under license purchase, you can purchase the number of licenses as a one-time fee. No recurring or renewal fee is applicable in this case.

FieldMax® is available both in SaaS and License mode. Under SaaS mode, the support is part of the monthly fee. Under License mode, you can subscribe for the AMC contract after expiry of the warranty period.