FieldMax for the Salesforce

Operational Excellence in Secondary Sales & Distribution

Operational Excellence in Secondary Sales & Distribution

Salespeople spend most of their time on the ground. Thanks to a new connected world of smartphones, field staff can now have instant access to important information. The instant access to data has been a game changer for businesses engaged in sales and distribution. With the latest in mobile and cloud technology, FieldMax® provides a host of business benefits to meet demanding business requirements.

  • FieldMax® the sales force automation mobile application gives ground level sales people a clear visibility of customers and accounts managed on a daily basis. A holistic view of the customer with related contacts, opportunities and much more, helps the salesperson keep track of customer interaction, status of opportunities, and past sales history, providing better visibility for effective sales engagement and follow-ups.

  • FieldMax® automates end-to-end field activities by eliminating paper forms and phone/fax/email based sales reporting. It makes available all critical inputs for sales personnel, such as sales orders, collection details, sales returns information, stock status, order status, shipment details, and receivables, on their fingertips.

  • This sales force automation solution supports real-time, bi-directional exchange of data. This allows sales order details from the field to be made available to the back office staff without delay. Field users can also easily access enterprise data from backend systems (ERP, Accounting systems).

  • Field staff has access to information from enterprise systems on mobile devices. Back-office staff gets real-time information from the field to schedule delivery of products. Retailers/ customers receive instant acknowledgement of payments made via SMS from the back office. Finance and Business Managers get most current status on cash flow and sales performance through the sales BI software.

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