FieldMax for Sales Leaders

End-to-End Market Visibility for Sales Leaders

Operational Excellence in Secondary Sales & Distribution

Sales Leaders need real time visibility into what is happening on the ground. This salesman tracking software helps them to take strategic decisions and communicate with the ground force minus delays. The strategies that are devised will be accurate as they are based on reports based on real time market data that has gone through intelligent analysis.

  • Greater visibility into sales force effectiveness: Management dashboards and advanced analytical reports available in FieldMax® provides the most accurate and up-to-date information for review and decision making from a senior management level.

  • Access to product sales history in specific territories, region wise product performance, product growth comparison, and seasonal growth patterns among other business data, help to shape better business decisions proactively for the future.

  • Very short payback periods with near zero capital investments. FieldMax® is available as a subscription service with minimal starting costs. Our customers have recovered their investment in FieldMax® within 6 months of deployment in the organization.

  • Sales personnel can potentially spend more time on field activities and visit more outlets as administrative overheads are reduced. Removes load on back office staff by making field information available in real-time . Data consolidation and generation of reports does not need any manual intervention.

  • Faster sales to order cycle: Back offices activities in order processing and delivery can be initiated in real-time which leads to drastic reduction of order-to-delivery time. Faster sales order cycle translates to faster revenue recognition.

  • Marketing team can configure competitor information to be collected from the field. Salespeople can capture competitor inputs when they are at retail outlets to book orders, whereas the corporate marketing team gains immediate access to consolidated feedback via FieldMax®, which is used to formulate strategic offers and counter measures to get ahead of competition at the right time.

  • FieldMax® enables users to generate reports with real-time information. Reports range from a macro view of sales to drilled down specifics such as sales territories, sales rep, geographic regions or demographics. Segmentation reports based on sales per outlet, region and product can also be drawn out. Reports based on graphical/Excel/PDF can be pulled out at the ease of the user. Sales reps can schedule the date/time they want reports to be mailed to managers, even when they are out of office. Valuable information is consolidated from field data.

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