Sales Automation for the CPG Industry Growing CPG Sales with Real Time Data

    If you form part of the senior management of a highly-competitive consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, chances are that you are keenly interested in getting to understand the market pulse. A world-class software, that is a mobile sales force automation system that provides market visibility and data in real-time is the need of the hour. Such a software will help you formulate locally relevant micro-strategies quickly and assist your sales team to reach the highest levels of productivity and performance.


How does FieldMax drive up CPG Sales?

The pace of the business environment has changed so much that your sales team needs real-time access to market data at their fingertips. This is critical, as strategic decisions of local importance are often made with help from timely access to accurate data. FieldMax® mobile empowers your sales team with much-needed insights that had been previously locked in excel sheets and central ERP solutions, thereby increasing productivity and customer service quality.

FieldMax® CPG is the right solution to take your sales to the next frontier. Tailor-made for the CPG/FMCG industry, FieldMax® CPG connects the field sales team with a secondary network to digitally link them with the HQ in real time. Faster data exchange between sales and the supply chain web ensures that the goals of market engagements are met. FieldMax® provides at hand information to the field personnel to empower them decide on micro-strategies that lead to faster sales closure and minimal lead times.

Questions answered by FieldMax

    • Are my customer visits effective?
    • What is my prospect to sales conversion rate?
    • How quickly am I reacting to the customer?
    • What happens beyond my distributors/primary network?
    • Is the sales team fully equipped on the field?
    • Are we having too many inactive customers?
    • Am I right-stocking my daily sales engagements?
    • Who is buying what and when?
    • Are the right customers being met?
    • Who and where are our end customers?
    • Can I reduce my warehouse / factory inventory?
    • How much of my stock is running in the market?

The FieldMax Advantage

By allowing users to pre-plan most optimized sales routes, and bringing down delivery delays, FieldMax boosts CPG sales in more ways than one. The sales order to delivery timeline is cut short drastically, boosting higher operational efficiencies and ensuring that market demands are met. FieldMax provides instant visibility to the salesperson on his performance against targets. It also helps warehouses replenish stock on time.

  • Respond quickly to market demands
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Be proactive to retailer aspirations
  • Access actionable data conveniently in real-time
  • Device localized micro strategies

Digital Capabilities

FieldMax® CPG pre-order suite uses digital prowess to meet the business requirements of a modern-day sales and distribution organization. Tailor-made for the consumer packaged goods industry, FieldMax® suite connects your field sales team with distribution and supply chain, linking field sales to H.O in real-time.

  • Optimized and pre-planned sales routes through mobile devices
  • Sales history: order history, credit notes and outstanding updates
  • Predictive analysis based on past orders
  • Faster delivery and reduced sales cycles time
  • Real-time relay of sales data from HQ to mobile devices
  • Product placements/promotions using digital images/video tutorials
  • Enhanced user adoption and engagements through gamification.
  • Dashboard for user level performance comparison


  • Improved Efficiencies: Drives up efficiencies by 30% linking last mile personnel to back-office
  • More Productivity: Salespeople achieve more by taking the right decisions on time
  • Tight Integration: Packs the enterprise, web/mobile/3rd party systems, widgets and IoT enablements into one integrated system
  • Digital Power: Digitally wires enterprises for transformation
  • Analytics & Reports: Provides relevant insights through powerful BI component
  • Workforce Graduation: Salespeople are happy because they can easily master the software in a few hours
  • Gamification increase user appetite for sales target completion.
  • Industry Acceptance:Award-winning solution implemented across 160 customer sites globally