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    The biggest challenge for FMCG businesses today is not about creating market demand, but being able to sense the market at the right time, and responding quickly enough to change. It is not just organizational efficiency that is at stake, but knowing the market sentiment in real time, and responding before your competition does. It is also about arming your salesforce to be proactive to fluctuating retailer aspirations. In a world of digital technologies, this is a solved problem and FieldMax® successes over a ten year period is testimony to this.

FieldMax Automation for Field Sales

    FieldMax® is an enterprise level Sales Force Automation solution that automates key operational functions including sales, marketing and distribution of a CPG/FMCG business. FieldMax® assists the field sales team in efficiently managing and supporting retail sales operations. Powered by innovative and robust technology, FieldMax® is a modular solution highly configurable to suit the business and operational needs of any sales & distribution organization. FieldMax® has two solution components, FieldMax® Mobile and FieldMax® Office.


FieldMax® Mobile

How easy is it for your salesperson to respond quickly to the customer while operating from the field? FieldMax® Mobile has been designed to make it very simple for field staff to view or process business transactions (sales order, collections, inventory, delivery schedule, order status, invoices, sales returns and much more) when on the field. FieldMax® Mobile empowers the salesperson by enabling them to access insightful data from any back-end/ ERP system running at the headquarters. The opposite is also true. Headquarters can sync information with field sales data being updated by the salesperson using their mobile device.

FieldMax® Office

FieldMax® Office is a powerful web-based backend solution and analytics engine that improves business performance by putting insightful information into the hands of users across the sales, marketing, corporate, finance and operations functions. FieldMax® Office offers a wide range of monitoring, reporting, and analyzing capabilities within a single architecture to allow the management to make better business decisions every day, and drive business performance with speed and efficiency.



  • User Authentication
  • Route planning & management
  • Order management
  • Customer classification on business potential and revenue contribution
  • Real-time sales tracking and historical data
  • Transaction execution on sales order, invoice collection, competitors, market survey, merchandising & planogram and attendance
  • GPS-based location service and sales tracking
  • Real-time BI on mobile devices
  • Sales & market performance dashboard
  • PJP/beat planning and route optimization
  • Master data configuration on set parameters
  • Analytics on sales and market engagement
  • Secondary/tertiary sales visibility with inventory updates at retail level
  • Powerful analytics using latest in cloud technology


  • Respond to market demands immediately
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Minimize delays in execution and reporting
  • Drive sales and revenue opportunities from daily market engagements
  • Allow your sales team to be proactive to retailer needs
  • Gain customer trust and loyalty
  • Access actionable data in real-time
  • Make timely decisions that are apt
  • Device local micro-strategies with insights from data