Business Intelligence & Analytics - Field Sales Automation Smart Analytics for Informed and Intelligent Business Decisions


    Business Intelligence plays a pivotal role for enabling real time decision making at the top management level. This is required to gather and analyse the data accumulating from different sources, particularly for sales operations at the field level. BI is most important because it shows the direction of growth of the organization. Even when the data is collated, a huge challenge would be to use this data meaningfully through analytics. Data Visualization at the granular level is also a meaningful outcome of gathering data from various sources at field. This is where a combination of the mobile salesforce automation tool and BI becomes important.


FieldMax BI Component

FieldMax is powered by an equally powerful BI tool that provides multiple insights into your field sales outcomes. Armed with capabilities for advanced data analysis and predictive analytics, the BI tool within FieldMax gives you a micro view of results using a combination of parameters such as sales trends, product trends, orders, weekly/monthly/yearly/quarterly sales, salesperson performance, shop distribution, product sales trends and shop revenue trends.

FieldMax BI Reporting

    Advanced reporting by FieldMax BI tool guarantees clarity of analyzed results and options to present results in varying layouts. The tools offers a provision to pull down a broad spectrum of reports in various formats.



  • Dashboards & Data Visualizations
  • Report Builder – report building based on matching parameters
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Customizable Reports
  • Responsive graphs & charts that can be drilled down
  • Product movement trends for region/vendor in specific time frame
  • Geographic representation of overall sales trends


  • Gather quick insights into key performance metrics
  • Respond quickly to market changes using accurate analysis
  • Enable smooth decision process aided by accurate data
  • Empower sales staff to take corrective actions based on market data
  • Intuitive decision-making depending on details from BI reports
  • Being in the know of stock allocation and production velocities