Driving up Pharma Sales using Mobile Automation Streamlining Pharma Sales & Distribution using Mobile Solutions


    The pharmaceutical industry is presently going through pressing challenges. There is a steady rise in competition, and regulatory and price pressures, in addition to the pressure to perform despite risks. Sales can be sluggish. Technology can be a key enabler for the pharma industry, helping it to overcome challenges with ease. Data access at the fingertips can give the much required boost to pharma sales, and this is what is going to separate the boys from men in the future. Digital tools are going to play a large role in the transformation of pharmaceutical sales, FieldMax being relevant for Sales Automation.


How FieldMax Pharma can help...

FieldMax® Pharma solution ensures the freedom for pharmaceutical organizations to streamline the daily requirements of the field sales team. With a powerful front-end mobile solution, the sales team has access to critical information (core sales & deal saving) on their smartphones and/or tablets. This enables them to make informed decisions at the right time, thus preventing competitive pressures as well as other challenges. Market data is synced to HQ, enabling the senior sales leaders to gain insights into market dynamics in real time. Paperwork is reduced to the bare minimum and targets are met without hassles.


    • Daily call reports
    • Journey plan management
    • Point of Purchase (POP)/Sample/Gift movement
    • Target Vs Actual comparisons
    • Competitor performance tracking
    • Inventory and sales order request
    • Doctor/Chemist/stockist visit planning
    • Attendance and Expense management



  • Enhanced productivity with mission critical real-time data
  • Digital data reducing need for paper collaterals and brochures
  • 360 degree view on historical data of customer
  • Appointment scheduling and daily call report (DCR)
  • Minimized lead time for critical decisions, leading to enhanced salesperson productivity