Promoting Van Sales through Faster Invoicing Automate Van Sales andBoost Profits with Smart Mobility


Secondary sales and distribution is growing more complex each day. The complexity arises from the intertwining of several sales teams, their intermediaries, distributors and retailers. Modern technology simplifies such intricacies by incorporating solutions that provide real-time access to actionable data and insights from the market place.

Van Sales

Van Sales provides direct access of goods to the end customer, making the delivery and distribution points the same. The process of Van Sales involves distribution and delivery of goods at the Point of Sales. Use of PDAs makes invoicing and other transactions in Van sales faster. This means a more efficient sales and accounting cycle, leading to revenue growth for the sales  organization.


How can FieldMax help?

FieldMax® Van sales application decongests business requirements to meet your field sales and invoice generation requirements. Custom-made to meet the Van Sales scenario, the sales team uses the mobile application to generate real-time invoices printed using a Bluetooth printer connected to the mobile device.

  • Enhance delivery efficiency
  • Quicken the invoicing process as well as cash receipts
  • Strengthen demand forecasting and management
  • Optimize sales route planning
  • Access real-time data for better insights
  • Replenish stocks with lesser delays
  • Streamline the distribution process
  • Simplify Order Management and progress tracking


  • Order management
  • Invoice generation
  • Order Tracking
  • Data syncing with back-end systems


By allowing users to pre-plan most optimized sales routes, and bringing down delivery delays, FieldMax boosts CPG sales in more ways than one. The sales order to delivery timeline is cut short drastically, boosting higher operational efficiencies and ensuring that market demands are met. FieldMax provides instant visibility to the salesperson on his performance against targets. It also helps warehouses replenish stock on time.

  • Effective route planning and optimization
  • Seamless linking to back-office systems for faster decision making
  • Quicker, direct sales to end customer
  • Faster sales due to timely updating of orders and delivery
  • Automation to reduce errors and enhance market visibility
  • Generate invoices in real-time
  • Improved customer experience made possible by fast decisions
  • e-transactions cutting down on paper usage