Success Stories

Digitally Enhancing Sales Effectiveness for Leader in the Frozen Foods Category

A leader in the frozen foods and ice cream segment, the client has significant presence in the global market. They represent the premium product segment in the frozen foods space, enjoying a formidable command in the segment and is a leader by brand visibility and sales turnover. They are also a major in the international market with interests in other verticals such as food and beverages. Marking its presence in more than 85 countries, the client has business interest in agri products pet foods, Coffee products, meat and meat products etc. The brand moves through a series of C&F agents and distributors. The India arm of the client has a field sales team of around 200 direct sales reps and around 200 channel sales representatives. The client manages 100+ distributors and close to a dozen plus C&F agents.


The client has a strong reach in the segment it represents. However, managing the team and consolidating sales data was becoming increasingly difficult due to a large and complex sales network. Manual data consolidation was time-consuming and error-prone. At the same time, client was also looking at ways to enhance productivity of the sales reps and maintain market share through innovative use of technology. A Sales Force Automation tool (SFA) was on top of their priorities . They evaluated several products and choose FieldMax mobility application as the preferred solution.

FieldMax was rolled out for tracking secondary sales data and included sales order, inventory updates, merchandising and asset tracking. One of the major requirements of the client was to track shelf space and aging levels of the product in the counter. FieldMax perfectly met this requirement easily. Connected to the FieldMax office (back-end) application, the distributor and HO team had real-time visibility to market data, enabling them to have better invoicing and product shipments. Distribution team also gets consolidated updates on sales transactions, leading to quicker and easier process execution.


1. Some of the direct benefits experienced by the client include:

· 19% increase in daily sales call and retail outlet coverage in the first 3 months of deployment.
· Enhanced visibility and ease in sales route planning and optimization
· 90% improvement in data accuracy and fulfillment levels
· 30% improvement in quantitative/qualitative decision making due to real-time market data availability

2. Better compliance and structured operational execution