Success Stories

Helping Global Processed Food Giant with Secondary Sales Insights

With about 25,000 employees and a turnover of almost 8 billion Euro, the client, a German multinational group, ranks among major European family enterprises. Their key business is related to Food; more specifically, beer and other non-alcoholic beverages, sparkling wine, and spirits. In India, they are a leading manufacturer of branded packaged food products, and market leader for mayonnaise and sandwich spreads. They have a large network of distributors spread across the country. Their field sales team comprises of directly employed and distributor employed sales people.


The client sells through a wide network of distributors, yet had zero visibility after the sale was made. A majority of the company’s distributors were not IT savvy, and this proved to be a dampener for the client. Deploying a distributor billing system provided by the client was not acceptable to the distributors, which meant that the client had to depend on monthly reports shared by the distributors in order to understand sales volumes. Delay in receiving information made it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of client promotional efforts. As the client pays the salaries of the distributor sales team, the effectiveness of the team had to have visibility. Moreover, at no time the client had access to data about the stock held by retailers, and the correspondingly had zero visibility to tertiary sales (sales made by the retailer to the public).

The Solution

The client implemented FieldMax for automating the sales and distribution process. Secondary order picking process by the client distributor sales team was automated through FieldMax. Retailer stock data was updated by the salesperson visiting the retail outlet. All orders communicated from the field were updated real-time in the FieldMax Office solution running at HQ. Data was also visible to distributors for processing. For distributors who were not yet fully digital, orders were extracted as a report and provided at the end of the day. The client’s sales management team provided a web login where daily order and stock details is visible on a real-time basis.

Business Benefits

After implementation of FieldMax, the client has real-time visibility into secondary sales activity. This helped the company optimize their primary re-order quantities. The data on retailer stock and tertiary sales which reached the client on time, helped them facilitate daily tracking of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The client also has complete control and visibility into the productivity of field salespersons and able to take necessary steps to improve their performance.