Success Stories

Taking Control of Secondary Sales for Leading Consumer Products and Wellness Giant

A leading consumer products and wellness service provider in the ayurveda segment in India, with strong brand presence in the hair, skin, general healthcare and slimming products space. They are the market leaders in India for ayurvedic hair care solutions.

Business Challenges

The client distributes their products through over 500 distributors in South India. Primary orders from distributors and part of the secondary orders are captured by their sales team. Primary orders were taken on paper and later entered into the ERP system manually. Their secondary sales was handled by a combination of distributor sales team and the company’s direct sales team, who takes orders on behalf of the distributor. The company had data visibility only till primary sales, with zero understanding of secondary sales data. This placed a huge constraint in tracking consumer preferences as well as marketing & advertising campaign effectiveness. Their distributor community comprises of non-exclusive distributors who handle several brands and companies, making it difficult for the client to make it mandatory for distributors to share secondary sales information.

The Solution

FieldMax was implemented at the client site, in order to automate their order capture and stock capture process. Primary orders taken in FieldMax by the company sales personnel and the order information flows into the ERP system through the interface were built with FieldMax Office. Details about closing stock at the distributor level were tracked daily by the sales team using FieldMax Mobile. This enabled indirect compilation of daily secondary sales.

Secondary sales taken by the company sales executives were transferred to the distributors. Complete elimination of paper-based order taking by the sales team for both primary and secondary orders was achieved. The various features on FieldMax Mobile include order taking, stock capture, capturing competitor activities, and promotions tracking.